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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baja Citrus Marinade

Here is one of our latest favorites! We've really liked the other McCormick marinades, and recently ventured out. I even tried the variation recipe that was on the back - which calls for o.j. ...and it is OH SO GOOD!

Here's what we do: make the marinade, we usually use frozen chicken tenderloins (thaw them out and I cut them in half so they're not quite so big), and let them sit for however long in the marinade in the fridge. About 15-20 min before you're ready to eat, turn your stove to about med-high and cook the chicken in a pan. Make sure there is some runny stuff in the pan - I think it helps keep the chicken really moist, and kind of half boils it as it fries. Cook until thoroughly cooked and golden.

We made up some pasta with it and pesto sauce - delicious!

This is super easy, and there are tons of other flavors to try. We also like the 'tomato, basil, and garlic'. Hope you like it!

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