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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carol's Sloppy Joe's

The best sloppy joe mix! The original recipe that I got was for 40-50 people, so modify accordingly. The numbers in parenthesis are the amounts I use when making a smaller batch - even though they aren't exactly the same proportions. If not making it for a big group it freezes really well (freeze portion sizes separately, then it's easy to just pull one out), and is also a delicious topping on baked potatoes.

10 lb hamburger (2lb)
2 onions (1 small)
2 green pepper (1 small)
6 C catsup (1C)
6 tomato paste (1)
2-3 T Worcestershire Sauce (3/4 T)
1-2 t sage (1/2 t)
2 t oregano (1/2 t)
2-4 BBQ mix packets (I just use BBQ sauce)
Au Jus
5 T brown sugar (1 T)

Cook hamburger with onions and green peppers. Mix in remaining ingredients, heat through, and serve.

1 comment:

Diane said...

Just adding notes that Alisha gave me:

Use some of Au Jus dry packets (I found it in the isle with the brown and white gravy packets). I didn't even use 1/3 of the packet and I may have added too much.

Use BBQ sauce based on consistency and taste (I could have added a little more).

This is Oh so Yummy! :)

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