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Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Anything

I don't have the recipe, but if you have access to real pumpkins, try making pumpkin anything with the real thing! It is so much better (lighter, fluffier and healthier) than the canned pumpkin. It does take a little more work, but the outcome is way yummy and worth it I think.

Basically to prepare the pumpkin you gut out the pumpkin and cut the exterior into chunks (the hardest part) then once in manageable sizes, you boil til soft. Then I just put the soft pumpkin in a food processor, but I am sure a blender would work fine. You are supposed to chop til really fine mush, but I left mine a little grainy so there was a little bit of pulp which made a great texture to the pumpkin pie.

Then, you follow recipe the exact same way, just with real pumpkin instead of canned.

My mother and I made 2 pumpkin pies from some of her own pumpkin patch and we just used one medium sized pumpkin, just so you know proportions. Anyway it was a great pre-Thanksgiving treat that I will make again for Turkey Day!

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