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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I added a new feature to the blog: A list of all the recipe titles. Now it will be much easier to glance and see what there is and if there is something that sparks your taste buds!

I asked Alisha to post a few recipes that she already had, and I hadn't even realized...thus my vision for the need. heehee. Anyway, I figure this will be MUCH more user friendly and make the blog more useful and easier to try out new stuff! I just wanted to let you all know!

Thanks for all the contributions!! Keep them coming!! :) and don't forget to leave your thumbs ups or downs if you try any of the recipes! :D

Happy Cooking!

p.s. if you post a favorite recipe - make sure to label it as a favorite as well as whatever else it lies under. Then we'll all know which recipes are priority to try... ;)

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