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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting to Know you!

Hi! I know all of you, but I don't think you all know each other. So, I decided since we are all in this together, I should introduce you...maybe this will help everyone feel a little more comfortable about sharing and posting and tasting! (Too bad we don't all live closer - we could have cooking nights and cook all our favorites and eat, Eat, EAT! One day.)

I guess I will just make a list of everyone's names and how we all fit together.

I am Diane, Orem, UT and you all know my hubby Neil (info to help explain everyone).

Alisha is my sister, lives in Frisco, TX
Nicki is my sister, Las Vegas, NV - though maybe not for long
Suzy is my sister-in-law, Clinton, UT
Stacey is Neil's sister, Frisco, TX (you and Alisha need to hang out!!!!!!!) ;)
Shay is Neil's sister, Milwaukee, WI
Wendi is Neil's sister-in-law, Providence, UT
Candice is my cousin, Oklahoma (sorry, I don't know what city.)
Holly is my cousin, West Jordan, UT
Ashley is Neil's cousin, Rexburg, ID
Rob-O (Robin) is Neil's cousin, Kirkland (Seattle), WA (Alisha moved from Kirkland probably a month or two before you moved there)
Kristin is my good friend, Logan, UT

(if I got anyone's cities wrong...I'm SORRY!!!) :D
Ok, that is boring, but now you all know how we all fit and where everyone comes from. If you want to introduce yourselves more, please do! :)

Anyway, If you have ideas for this blog to make it better, let me know!!! I'm up for anything!! :) I also just added a "Featured Recipe" box on the side so if you ever want to emphasis a recipe, go for it! (ok, I don't know what privileges you all have to do that, let me know if you can't or whatever so we can all be interactive!)

Also, if you do NOT want to receive an email every time someone posts, please let me know and I will take you off the email list. There is actually only room for 10 people, so I will be happy to forward on emails as well.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying and trying out these great recipes! I'm always excited for more great treats when you post! Thanks for contributing!!!


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